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Juggling two personas

With Nathan at the library petting zoo on my day off work

So Nathan is turning 21 months in a few days. Our lives went through a drastic change since his arrival. I got a taste of life as a SAHM, which then transitioned to a WAHM as I started working part-time from home, and then on going into the office a couple of days a week.

So where are things at now?

Well I now work three days a week as an analyst at a market research and consulting firm. The other two days are spent living out my SAHM persona, which believe or not, is more physically draining than my days at the office.

Whether for financial reasons or a desire to keep up with one’s professional/career development, many mums eventually decide to go back to work after having a baby.

Working part-time is currently the ideal arrangement for me. I love it because…

  1. I have time to really BE in my son’s life, to play with him, hang out with him, cook for him and just ‘mother’ him.
  2. I am able to keep my professional skills up to date and stay connected in my industry.
  3. I can get a lot of the laundry, cleaning and other housework out of the way during the week so we can spend quality time together as a family during the weekend
  4. It’s nice to have that additional income in our bank account for our household

There are drawbacks to working part-time (as opposed to working full-time) of course, the biggest ones for me include…

  1. Sometimes being forgotten or overlooked as a team member – out of sight, out of mind
  2. Missing out on casual office gatherings – no more after-hours drinks/hang-out time with colleagues
  3. Less opportunities to work on certain key projects due to my schedule
  4. Being passed over for advancements and promotions due to my seemingly ‘lower-value’ part-time role
  5. Sometimes running into grey areas working on my non-working days to meet urgent deadlines for clients
  6. Being out of the loop of office buzz and chit chat

Although the cons appear to outnumber the pros, the weight of the pros far outweigh the opposite end of the scale. It’s a logic that only those with children can truly comprehend.

I’m sure all parents would agree that even in the midst of sleep deprivation, a less clean house, having a more restrictive schedule, there is an inexplicable joy in the midst of all the chaos in having children that changes you to your core.

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  1. Been thinking of working part time too. Loves all the reasons you gave, esp "be in my son's life" :)

    1. Hey Geraldine! If it's a possible option for your family, I think it's definitely worth considering... even if it's just having one day-off work during the week or perhaps reducing overall number of hours per day or over the week. I'm aware though, that it's quite difficult to get an ideal part-time working option in Singapore/Malaysia... everyone's situation is so different. But I can tell that you are really maximising whatever precious time you have with your son ^_^

  2. Being able to work part-time would be an ideal arrangement. However for me, it would mean a change in job scope since the normal working hours are not even enough for me to finish my work. Perhaps if I do have a second one, I'll consider that and hope that the company is open to such arrangements. The time spent with family is so precious and I sure wished I had more time with the family.

    1. When I started working part-time, I too had to settle for a change in job scope. Which meant only being able to work on certain kind of projects/tasks. And yes, hope that when the time comes, you are able to work out a fair and reasonable arrangement with your company.

  3. Hey, I've been on part-time for the past year or so and I must say it's done wonders for me (my sanity) and the family (my presence). It's nice to feel balanced especially with 2 kids so I really see it as a blessing in many ways! The biggest drawback for me is I sometimes find it hard to cope with work when I'm home and the kids are clamouring around for attention! :/

    1. I can definitely relate with that scenario of work encroaching into the hours at home. When my son was at the baby stage, it was possible to work from home. But now at the toddler stage, it's almost impossible to get work done at home with him. If I need to finish extra work at home, it usually means staying up a little later at night to get it done. But I always try to make such situations the exception and not the norm... otherwise it never ends. As a part-time worker, I find I really need to guard my time and resources carefully and remember that I'm technically only meant to commit less than the usual no. of hours per week than my other colleagues.

  4. Hihi, I actually would like this arrangement, to work part-time and yet be able to be present in my kids' life. I agree with what you say, the number of cons might be more but the weight of the pros prevails. Well, glad this is working well for you and your family! It's ultimately a choice we have to make because we can never have the best of all worlds. Thanks for popping by my blog!


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Summer. And I agree, we can never have the best of both worlds. In the end we just have to make the best choice we can based on our own circumstances. In any case, I think you're doing a great job with what time and resources you've got


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